Sifter 2

It is impossible to catch the all the interesting content on internet, recently published books, podcasts, speeches, etc. Here is the non-exhaustive list of the things that got caught into my nets and that I find meaningful to publish since first Sifter. BOOKS         A new translation of Félix Guattari: Machinic Eros: Writings of […]


Magic of Third Singular Person: Désert of Le Clézio

Third singular person is overwhelmingly the most common type of narrative used in novels. The range of distance of author to characters and events might vary from a distant position to a close-range position. Author can play a God role having possession of the slightest details or look from only protagonist’s perspective, or simply position […]

Sifter 1

I am launching a new category called Sifter. A sifter is a device used in order to separate fine particles from coarse particles. For example, you put the floor into a sifter and you separate lumps from powdered material. Sifter has another meaning as examining and sorting carefully. So, I expect that Sifter category will perform […]

A Suspenseful Sloweness: Natsume Sōseki’s Kokoro

Haruki Murakami is one of outstanding contemporary writers, and also someone whom I try to read everything written by him, even though I didn’t read all of his works (I guess I don’t want to consume him all of a sudden). In my eyes, his simplicity makes him different from his contemporaries. But this simplicity […]

From Disciplinary Society to More Disciplinary Society: Snowpiercer

There is a never-ending discussion between Foucaldians and Deleuzians on the character of society where we live in. While Foucaldians claim that disciplinary mechanisms are still at work and efficient, Deleuzians think that Western societies had a deep transformation toward control societies with the emergence of various socio-technical features. Maybe today we witness both forms […]

Why Turkish intellectuals couldn’t leave their mark?

I was reading a E. M. Cioran’s interview… It is one of his rare interviews, Cioran doesn’t like much to give interview. He talks about his personal life, his severe insomnia, his relationship with women and other people. Besides he tells really interesting anecdotes, and then links them what he thinks of being, life, and […]

A very determined novel in the way of being a bestseller: La Plateforme

Michel Houellebecq is one of the prominent writers of contemporary French literature. With his Les Particules élémentaires he won Prix Novembre in 1998, International Dublin Literary Award in 2002, and Prix Goncourt, a distinguished award of French literature, in 2010 with his La Carte et le territoire. His novels were translated into several languages. We […]